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Warranty Protection Services coverage plans help vehicle owners acquire and maintain their vehicles with complete peace of mind. We have a variety of expanded warranty plans that are designed specifically to meet our customers’ demands.

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Auto Warranties Provided
For over 10 Years we have helped protect thousands or car owners from expensive out-of-warranty repairs.
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Cars Protected
For over 10 Years we have helped protect thousands or car owners from expensive out-of-warranty repairs.
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Our happy customer count increases over the years are a testament to our quality service and cost-friendly plans.

Protecting America One Car At A Time

At Warranty Protection Services, we take pride in offering an extensive array of affordable coverage options for all car-owners, whether you are investing in a new or pre-owned set of wheels. Take the worry out of purchasing a vehicle and leave the warranty details to us. With our services, you can focus on negotiating the best price for your vehicle independently of expensive dealership warranty add-ons. No matter the age, make, or model of your vehicle, we have a coverage plan that fits your needs. Oftentimes, an umbrella plan is not the most economical for your vehicle type. That is why we offer warranty options that cover only what you select. We have negotiated the best prices for you so you can rest assured you are receiving the best coverage for the service plan you choose.

Auto repair costs are incessantly rising for the consumer. Fortunately, our expanded coverage protection plans solve this problem for vehicle owners. Having any kind of car trouble is a headache enough. That is why we provide stellar, friendly customer service as a free bonus with all of our plans.

We have chosen only the best administrators that have strong assets and proven, high ratings to boot. Our partners are among the best in the industry. Each company offering a variety of plans because we understand that the more choices our customers have, the more likely we can find and option to fit their budgets.

Our commitment to service and value keeps our customers coming back for new or renewal service plans. The enthusiastic referrals we receive from our satisfied clients are the best tokens of appreciation we receive. At Warranty Protection Services, we pride ourselves in meeting our customers’ needs while providing the best auto coverage options to keep drivers happy throughout their car ownership, nationwide.

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